The Discovery of a Purposeful (re)Source

December in a Teacher’s World:

  • Countdown to Break
  • Wrapping Down Units of Study
  • Countdown to Break
  • Winter Craft Considerations: to glue or not to glue?! to glitter or not to glitter?!
  • Countdown to Break (was this mentioned already?!)

Let’s get real…the countdown is on!

So far this year you have,

  1. Built a community in your classroom
  2. Set expectations for leading and learning
  3. Established a connection with parents
  4. Missed regular bathroom visits
  5. Eaten but rarely tasted your lunch
  6. Impacted our future for roughly 600 hours
  7. Lesson planned for engaged learning, collaborative experiences, and independent growth
  8. Went to bed only to lay and think about every moment spent with a child thus forever altering the amount of sleep you need to function
  9. Served as a counselor, mediator, nurse, travel agent, confidante, photographer, party planner, decorator, detective, comedian, learner, researcher, and so much more.

Right about now you are thinking, “Ya, I know all of this. Why am I reading this blog to tell me what I already know?! I don’t have time to sit and read when I have the top 9 list above and so much more!” Read on anyway…

The intention of this blog is multifaceted.

  1. Humor- we all need it. If you need scientific proof of this statement, go here or here.
  2. Choice Learning- you choose what to read; you choose what to implement; you choose what to learn and when to learn it
  3. Discovery of Purposeful (Re)Sources- resources with a how and a why

This blog will not (a) answer all questions related to the sources provided (b) magically transform your classroom into the idealistic vision created during your formative teaching years (c) make winter break come any faster.

This blog will (a) provide you with (re)sources intended to support your teaching and learning (b) offer you the opportunity to learn and implement new ideas, strategies, technology, etc. (c) entertain you through quippy realities and intentionally placed comedic brain breaks.

What now?! Subscribe and join us as we develop a learning space intended to DPS…discover purposeful (re)sources.


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