Prodigy- Monstrously Adventurous Math Gaming


How to increase blog engagement….insert cute, one-toothed monster and mention adventurous gaming!

DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE ADVICE, but do sing the following out loud and name the movie, “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!”

Now that you are done entertaining yourself and others sitting around you, let’s talk about a math resource that allows for differentiated math gaming in your classroom.

Prodigy is a FREE online resource that blends math and adventurous, role play gaming. In this unique learning experience, students will learn through a variety of assessments and responsive differentiation. In addition, the teacher will have access to a data rich environment where he/she can continue to differentiate the facilitation of learning in the classroom. Here’s the best part…it’s FREE! Yes, yes there is a paid version, but let’s be honest…we teach and although affordable, the paid version will not likely make our expense priority list.

Prodigy Overview:

✔️curricular connection

✔️differentiated engagement

✔️data driven learning

✔️FREE resource

Now, onto the choose your own adventure portion of this entry.

You have just been presented with a new resource called Prodigy. Do you…

(a) sign up for your FREE account now

(b) seek out answers to all of your Prodigy questions

(c) continue to entertain the masses by singing the single movie line above

Enjoy your monstrous mathematical adventure! P.S. I haven’t been able to clearly identify why a monster is the Prodigy logo…more to come on that once I figure it out.


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