Wheel Decide- Student Chooser



It’s giveaway time!!!!

Did you click the picture?! Did you win?! Did you try?!

Once again, it’s FILM IT FRIDAY!!!

What student selection methods have you used?

✔️Popsicle Sticks

✔️Names in a bucket

✔️Random student name selector

✔️Choosing the most verbal student in the class in hopes you will regain his/her attention to the task at hand

✔️Choosing the student whose hand is waving so ferociously you can’t look at anything else because your afraid he/she is going to break a wrist with all of that whipping

Any one of these methods serves its purpose, but here is another one to consider…Wheel Decide. It’s features include editing (choices, color scheme, and length of spin), as well as the ability  eliminate choices that have already been selected, naming your wheel, saving your wheel and embedding your wheel. In addition, it can be used for more than just choosing a student. Check it out to gather ideas or browse the wheels that have already been created (can’t decide what to eat…there’s a wheel for that 😏).


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