Dotstorming- Digital Collaboration


Analogy ALERT!
This is a drawing. This is ONLY a drawing! This in NO way should be the means by which we extract information from students.

The person on the left—that’s you teacher. 

The floating head on the right—that’s your students.

Inside their heads is a big jumble of information, creativity, and possibility just waiting to get out.

Imagine, for a moment, that you want to know what incentives your students would be interested in having as part of the positive behavior support you offer in your classroom.

NO…this is not a debate on whether or not students should be incentivized…just commit to it in this moment for the sake of the (re)source. 

When you ask, they are overcome with excitement and begin brain dumping all of the possibilities….movie day, pajama day, DISNEY TRIP!

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA…let’s back the incentive train up. What incentives, that are REALISTICALLY in my budget, would you like?

And the brain dumping begins again while you hastily scribble all the possibilities that you will need to sort through later. Then comes the….”That’s a dumb idea!” “I don’t want a mechanical pencil as a reward!” “I want a DISNEY TRIP!” 

Enter me, or rather the creator of dotstorming, Gareth Marland, with a dotstorming board. 

Dotstorming is an online collaborative brainstorming session where organized brain dumping can happen and decisions can be made. With a simple and FREE sign up, you can create a board to share with your students. During the create a board phase, you will also set up how many votes each student gets, as well as, how you want to share the board with them (link or email). 

Enter singing angels…YES they get to vote on ideas that they like; YES it is all organized for you; YES you have just experienced organized brain dumping!

Once students have accessed the dotstorming board, they can begin brain dumping text, pictures, and/or links to respond to what you have asked them.

WARNING: you are inevitably going to get a picture of the Disney castle!

This (re)source has endless possibilities for classroom use and takes brain dumping to a collaborative, organized level. Click the logo below to join in the collaborative brain dump on how dotstorming could be used in your classroom! 



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