Bouncy Balls- Visual Noise Meter

Hello! Hello! Hello!

H-E-L-L-O… this thing on?!


*Music clip  courtesy of Eminem- Without Me

This is Bouncy Balls– a visual noise meter. Although the intention of these blog posts are always to offer you resources for your classroom, I must be honest in sharing that as this site sits in the background of my screen and the balls bounce from the sounds in the room and my typing, I am smiling and chuckling to myself. I am even considering finding a larger screen, cranking some music and watching them fly for mindless, personal entertainment. But let’s be honest, you aren’t reading this post to understand how easily entertained I am sooooooo…..

Back to the task at hand…classroom opportunities for use.

  1. Noise Meter- Use Bouncy Balls as a FREE visual noise meter. *DISCLAIMER: it’s entertaining (refer to my statement about enjoying it as a background on my computer) so there is a chance, rather a high probability, that Johnny Neverabsent will use this as his own personal teacher button pusher. Think, plan, and reflect on the way you implement and use this resource…be proactive so Johnny Neverabsent doesn’t surprise you and you don’t eliminate this from your tool bag sooner than necessary. 
  2. Celebrations- Let it serve as a background of happiness and entertainment during holiday parties, birthday celebrations or other community times in your classroom.

Take some time, crank some music, and open up Bouncy Balls on Google Chrome to start considering the usefulness for your classroom! And by all means, allow yourself to be easily amused!

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