QR Codes- How & Why

Scan this QR Code!

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QR codes are Quick Response Codes that respond to being scanned by your device of choice. Typically they will link to a website, but I took this opportunity to link you to words of affirmation for this blog…WINNING!

At this point in internet/technology development, most of us have seen QR codes. However, from seeing to understanding, there exists a gap. Let’s fill the gap.

How to Create a QR code:

Step 1—-Google: QR code creators OR QR code generators

My Google Return Favorites:

qr-code-generator-1                           static_qr_code_without_logo-2

Step 2—- Copy & paste URL, enter text, link an email, upload a picture and more.

Step 3—-click “generate QR code,” “create QR code,” “download QR code” or some variation of these depending on the site you are on.

Step 4—-download a QR code reader on your device (check the app store).

Step 5—-scan your QR code to make sure it responds and redirects the way you want it to.

Step 6—-print your QR code out to be displayed, embed it in your website, or share in another way.

Opportunities for Use with Examples: Scan each one for fun!  


Math Problems


Journal Prompts or Tasks



URL- Website


A Joke A Day

This is NOT an exhaustive list of possibilities, but it is a start. Once you pass novice and proceed to QR code expert, consider learning about hex codes to change the color of your QR code, creating scavenger hunts where one QR code leads to another until a final is revealed, inlaying logos and much more!

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